Holy #$%^, Willie Nelson Shirts Are Expensive

2010 Willie Nelson Tour ShirtForth times' a charm I guess. My wife and I have had tickets to see Willie Nelson four times now, the first three times he canceled for one reason or another. Thankfully things worked out and we got to see him at Red Rocks over labor day weekend. We were not disappointed in the show either, it was a great show and I danced my ass off the whole time. The crowd even serenaded us with calls to "SIT DOWN!" it was very inspirational to my dancing.

I couldn't resist picking up a t-shirt while i was there, the 2010 Willie Nelson "Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Author" tour shirt (pictured above). I'm just lucky I brought some extra money cuz damn, that's some expensive merchandise. If you wanted to walk out of there with a Willie Nelson shirt you had to be prepared to shell out $40, they had a sweet 3/4 sleeve men's shirt $50. 2010 Red Rocks Willie Nelson Merchandise BoothI snapped a picture of the merchandise booth, it didn't turn out as well as I would have liked but you'll get the idea.

I guess the merchandise budgeting lesson is that the longer a musicians has been touring the more you should expect to pay for their shirts.