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Not to be confused with the recent british television show, we're talking about the originators of the subgenre often referred to as "horror punk". Before most of you reading this were born, a New Jersey bred Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry Only started what would become one of the most influential hardcore punk rock sounds of their era. Although Glenn went on to form Samhain and later Danzig, in 1995 the orignial Misfits members aside from Glenn regrouped with some new faces to bring the Misfits back to life. More recently, the Misfits played a couple of shows in Arizona and California during the summer of 2012. Check out current and potential future tour dates <a href="">here</a>. Band Shirt Archive has collected quite a few unique Misfits shirts in our archive, as well as one of the most comprehesive list of Misfits shirts for sale on the internet. Have a vintage or unique Misfits shirt you'd like to share with the world? Click the add a shirt link above and get started!

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