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Thanks for visiting our The Doors Shirts Homepage on The Band Shirt Archive. We've attempted to collect all the best of The Doors apparel for sale in one place to making finding the perfect shirt easy. You can currently find 191 items for sale right here. is more than just shirts for sale, we are trying to assemble a historical archive of every The Doors concert t-shirt and fan shirt ever made. We currently have 5 shirts in our The Doors archive.

The Doors got together in 1965, which means they're coming up on 50 years, which potentially means 50 years of concert and tour shirts. The Doors defined rock and roll long before most of you reading this, pretty wild. The most recent track to ever be produced by former members of the doors is "<a href="">Breakn' a Sweat</a>", Ray Manzarek & John Densmore, a collaboration project with Skrillex. It's kinda crazy, listening to Doors influenced Skrillex.

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