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The years is 2000, the place, Vancouver. Four politically minded rap act including Dirty Circus, Pigeon Hole, Kyprios and Innocent Bystander formed "Sweatshop Union" and released their first self titled album in 2001. A year later they were on Battle Axe records and released "Local 604". One of the most popular Sweatshop Union tracks is "<a href="">The Thing About It</a>", which was on the album Natural Progression and used in one of <a href="">JP Walker's snowboarding video parts</a>. Sweatshop Union's 5th album, titled "The Bill Murray EP" was released in 2011 and was the first sweatshop album with Kyprios, who is focusing on his solo projects. Despite rumors, Sweatshop continues to pump out the jams and is slated to release "The Leisure Gang EP" sometime in 2012. Check out some of the Sweatshop Union shirts we've found for sale, as well as our Sweatshop Union shirt archive.

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