Only for the super fan, vintage autographed Rolling Stones shirt

The Rolling Stones break pretty much all the rules of the music business. After more than 50 years in the game, they're still recording, still touring, and still the band everyone wants to see. You could probably sell a pebble from the beach for a nice sum if you told folks that Mick Jagger once kicked it at Keith Richards. I'm not saying I'd buy it - but I'd think about it. I know, I know, that makes me sound weird. Maybe I am - but is that such a bad thing when it means I find stuff like this amazing shirt from the Stones' legendary 1978 tour. They tossed out the overblown stage theatricals they'd been using up until then and threw everything into the music.

Oh yeah, and selling the occasional bit of merchandise along the way. This autographed Rolling Stones T-shirt is a truly classic red and white number with the tour logo emblazoned in the center. You get four - count 'em, four - signatures, naturally including those of Mick and Keith. They signed it in 2006, rather than at the time, but does that really matter? I don't think so. It comes with PSA authentication, after all. For its age, the shirt is in pretty good condition; there's the odd small stain, but it still looks great. Let's face it, how could a signed shirt from these guys not look great? It's no accident that our Rolling Stones section is so large! This shirt is currently for sale on eBay for $3499.99 with the Make Offer option enabled. It looks like there has been two rejected offers this year. There are always great classic Rolling Stones shirts available on our main Stones page.

Shirt In Frame

Closeup photo of the autographs

Closeup Of the Mick Jagger signature