Politically charged band shirts - History of America's musical response to humanity

Last night I watched the Hand in Hand benefit for hurricane relief. As I watched Justin Bieber, George Clooney and other celebs speak on the stories of devastation, human suffering, loss and the good things like humanity coming together regardless of race, sexual orientation, or anything else that may divide us I thought about how these tragic storms have brought this country back together after a tumultuous and turbulent last couple years. With the election dividing us in half, and the police initiated race war that has been building also unfortunately dividing us in half, this tragedy has broken down all barriers that previously divided us, the people of America. In this benefit, music again took the stand. Not the government, not the corruption of the Red Cross....music and musicians. Why is that music must fight for humanity, raise money to help our own people? Farmers, AIDS, Hurricane relief, world hunger, etc. etc... The power of music, it's optimism engages us, it psychologically appeases us, the feeling and understanding unites us. It's soothing melodies gives us well being and a reason for living. It defines us. 

With that, since the dawn of musical time, musicians have had the power to reach audiences, to make them aware and to make them think. Musicians can lead a crowd to violence, revolution, peace or change. Here are some examples of the best politically charged band shirts ever made. Peace and Happiness to all. Enjoy! -Jay

This says it all. Public Enemy

One of the most controversial, to say the least.
I always wanted it, but tough to wear!

One of the greatest political statement made by man


Some serious anger from a Mexican band

Bob wrote this as a result of Haiti's poverty. Also the last song he ever sang on stage.

UK style political aggression

Damn. For the hardest of hardcore fans only! Someone needs a hug.

The Misfits showing anger towards Jackie O on "Bullet"

Fitting next entry...from the Dead Kennedys

Finally, one of my favorites. I think every song is motivated by anger towards "the man".