In search of the T206 Honus Wagner baseball card of band shirts

I have an OCD for lists, rankings, ratings, stats, etc. My baseball cards were always being sorted in new ways every day, by number, name, years, you name it. Today, my obsession is music and more notably, band shirts. I've been having a very difficult time maintaining my top 500 songs, top 500 albums, top 500 bands/groups/singers lists as my tastes change so often. 

The question I pose here today there a holy grail or the T206 Honus Wagner of band shirts? Is it the first ever band shirt? Is it one that was worn onstage by Mick Jagger or Keith Moon? Or is it one that we all are capable of obtaining (should we have unlimited resources and money). Is there a shirt out there that will never be for sale on Ebay that we will never know of? I'm going to deep dive into this further using my OCD methods I've developed over the years to list the shirts, existing and those in my imagination to bring this to a close, or at least give me some satisfaction of having a top 50. -Jay


A 1970's Bob Marley shirt. Could this be the Holy Grail?