2017 was the year of celeb worn band shirts

This year we've seen the rise of celebrities wearing band shirts of bands they've never heard more than one song of...if any. Of course these shirts are distressed by a high fashion designer and only sold at their flagship Beverly Hills Rodeo drive boutique. I love how these bands speak out against those celebrities wearing said shirts, or against the use of their image, songs for political gain. For some reason I want to burn my Motorhead shirts now , or vomit, not sure which. I hope this trend dies very soon. -Jay


Umm...Mom found my old bin of shirts.
"This is my 80's punk look. Black Flag is punk, right?"
The funniest one of all. Kerry King would make her shit herself.
I would have sold her this one for $2K, she could have saved a grand.
I just gave this to Goodwill too. Dang.
"I pick up lots of bros with this shirt."
Rolling over in his grave. Again, she'd shit herself scared in his presence.
This guy could wear a pink tutu and it would be high fashion.
Whoa, real deal here. She has a tattoo, so it's cool.
No makeup day, jogging pants and a $1500 shirt.
At the 'High School Musical 5 - The metal class' premiere
Ok, I have no problem with this shirt usage.
He looks like he's on something.
Don't you dare John Lennon.