The many black Pearl Jam t-shirts

I have been enjoying the newest Eddie Vedder ukulele inspired music so I decided why not find some Pearl Jam t-shirts to mention.  I was shocked but not surprised that many of the Pearl Jam shirts that I came across were black in color.  It appears that throughout band shirt history black is the classic color but I am not basing that on scientific facts or knowledge, just observation.  Here are some of my favorite Pearl Jam t-shirts from EBay.

This t-shirt vintage Eddie Vedder photographic Pearl Jam t-shirt is good at bringing out the emotion in the music of Pearl Jam. 

I can picture Eddie Vedder singing 'Jeremy'or 'Even Flow' fromt he grunge era of my teen years.  Check it out here on Ebay

Check out this brand new tagged Pearl Jam t-shirt with Eddie Vedder laying down on stage that I came across on Ebay click here for more info.  Guess someone gets paid lying down.