Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt Shirts

We touched on this a while back in this blog post, and since then haven't seen much. While there appear to be plenty of knock off fan shirts for sale on eBay, there don't yet appear to be any official Pearl Jam 'Lightning Bolt' shirts for sale on their official store. There is one Pearl Jam shirt, that has a lightning bolt, but the graphic doesn't appear to be connected to the graphics for the new 'Lightning Bolt' album that's being released tomorrow in the US. It's already out in Australia and the UK, guess we're just behind the times here in the good 'ol US of A.  If you're looking for the rest of the Pearl Jam shirts we've found for sale online, head over here.  I don't recall ever hearing about this Pearl Jam sessions jacket before either, but wow is that bad ass. It's approaching Gore Tex level waterproof ratings at 15k and comes complete with the Skullcandy amp and surround sound in the hood. Somehow we missed the new album streaming for free last week, but at any rate we're excited for the official release tomorrow. Band Shirt Archive | The Band and Concert Shirt Search Engine