Band Shirts Of 2009, Pearl Jam Sports Logo Shirt Series

Pearl Jam, 2009 Portland Trailblazers shirtFans of both the professional sports and Pearl Jam should appreciate this stop on our tour of the band shirts of 2009. I know I've covered Pearl Jam shirts quite a bit lately but I just couldn't help writing about their series of t-shirts that spoof NBA and MLB logos. I know a lot of bands sell shirts commemorating specific shows but Pearl Jam has really taken it to a new level this year.

The shirt to the left is one example, it's a modification of the Portland Trailblazers logo. The back of the shirt has the day of the show as the play number. The shirt was only sold at their Portland show on 9/26/2009.

From the looks of it they did one shirt for most of the stops on their tour. Some of the other teams spoofed include the Lakers, the Jazz, the Dodgers, the Padres and the Sonics. Here is a quick link to some of the 2009 Pearl Jam shirts currently available.

I'll update this blog post as I track down quality pictures of the shirts. If you have one, please add it to the archive!