A look back at an old Pearl Jam Shirt

Pearl Jam Shirt, Kids Prefer CrayonsNews to some, not news to others; Pearl Jam is about to release a new album this September called Backspacer on September 20, 2009. Whenever I see a band from my youth turn out another album it always makes me nostalgic. This morning I decided to go see which vintage Pearl Jam shirts I remember from the 90s are available today.

This one easily stood out as my favorite Pearl Jam t-shirt. The shirt front has a photo of a young girl playing with crayons. Below the photo is the word "Choices". The back of the shirt, pictured to the left, says "9 out of 10 kids prefer crayons to guns". I myself preferred guns but those were dangerous times. The shirt was sold on there 1992 tour. The tour was in support of their first album Ten.

There are actually two of these shirts available on eBay right now. Buy now for $30.00, here; and one auction listing here.

Just wana check out pictures of the shirt? Find those here in the archive.