Band Shirt Spotlight: Jimmy Buffett Gulf Shore Benefit Concert Shirt

Jimmy Buffett Shirt from July 11 2010If you don't know much about Jimmy Buffett beyond Margaritaville and Land Shark beer you should know that he is the kind of artist that is always willing to get behind a cause that he believes in. The tragedy in the gulf is no exception. That is why Jimmy Buffett and Friends put on a free benifit show on Gulf Shores Public Beach in Alabama on July 11th 2010.

Thanks to a nice eBay seller I was finally able to track down some good pictures of the special edition Jimmy Buffett shirt that was sold at the concert. The shirt has some great graphics on both the front and the back. The message on the front of the shirt is particularly nice "Mother Mother Ocean We Have Heard Your Call...".

From what I've heard, this shirt sold out fast and because its was a special edition shirt for that show only it's not likely to be produced again.

Judging by the auction listings for this shirt and the prices they're going for, there weren't nearly enough of these printed and the demand for them is still high. One such listing, with a few hours remaining is hovering near $100 with over 10 bids. Other listings typically are starting with a bid price around $50, while others have buy now options from $200 to a bit crazy amount of $500.

As always, if you have any Jimmy Buffett shirts that aren't already in the archive, add them!