Band Shirt Spotlight: Iron Maiden 2008 Candian Tour T-Shirt

Iron Maiden 2008 tour shirtIron Maiden continues to put out some of the best band shirts you'll find on tour today. I was so impressed with this 2008 Iron Maiden shirt that I had to share it. Even back in the early 1980s when they were first coming on the scene the graphics on their shirts were intense. I featured a 1985 Iron Maiden shirt a year, check it out to see what I mean.

One thing I've always enjoyed, band shirt wise, is when bands release unique shirts for particular shows or legs of their tour. The shirt I'm featuring today comes from the Canadian leg of the 2008 "Somewhere Back In Time Tour" and was only available for those five shows.

This shirt scores extra points for being so on theme, it would seem nothing says Canada like hockey. The front of the shirt shows a demonic hockey player against a frozen landscape but my favorite graphic has to be the back. The is player looking though the Candian maple leaf, head on fire with blood dripping from his stick.

I have a feeling this shirt is among the more rare shirts from the 2008 tour. Of the 78 shirts from 2008 available on eBay this was only one of these. It was for sale on eBay with an opening bid of $49.99 and a buy it now option for $99.00.