A Grateful Dead t-shirt devotion to Wavy Gravy and his 75th birthday bash

I recently saw an advertisement for Wavy Gravy's birthday events and the line-up of artists that are playing is amazing.  In honor of Wavy Gravy's upcoming 75th birthday I am going to find an inspirational political Grateful Dead t-shirt for sale to honor activism.

This first shirt is incredibly relevant today and tragically so.

To see this shirt on ebay click here. This vintage 1978 Grateful Dead "Stop Nuclear Power" t-shirt is historically and currently relevant for political activism.

These t-shirts were sold to benefit the Pacfic Alliance No Nukes Benefit held in California in 1978.  I have seen the poster for sale at a couple of websites but just found this Grateful Dead t-shirt for sale.






This shirt is not politically motivated but is one of my favorite t-shirt design ideas out there, take a state flag and turn it into an iconic image.  This vintage 1987 Grateful Dead Shirt from Telluride Colorado was found on ebay, Click here for more info.