How Much Is A Signed Bob Dylan Shirt Worth, $12,500?

As you might already know, our goal at Band Shirt Archive is to someday raise $1,000,000 for music education charities. We're about ready to break $1,000, so just a 1000X more to go! A big portion of what we donate to music charity comes from the autographed shirts we get from artists, like the recent shirt we had donated to us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis which helped a music teacher in Portland get a sweet condenser mic for her students.

We came across this autographed Bob Dylan shirt today for sale on eBay, for $12,500. While there are quite a few signatures on this longsleeve collectible, is even the most dedicated of Dylan fans going to cough up 12 grand for it? Could you imagine how many projects we could support if we auctioned a shirt like this? On that note, this is an open request to Mr. Dylan himself. Would you be interested in kindly hooking us up with an autographed shirt so we could auction it and donate the proceeds to music education charity projects? We know it's a longshot, but hey, we know $1,000,000 isn't going to come easy. If anyone out there close to Bob is listening, drop me note at In other shirt noteworthyness, our Bob Dylan shirt archive has reached at total of 37 user submitted shirts. Thanks fans! Have some thoughts on this topic? Band Shirt Archive | The Band and Concert Shirt Search Engine