Yet Another Amazing Black Sabbath Shirt

Black Sabbath, 1980 Smoking Angles ShirtOk, this question is now seriously up for debate. Did Black Sabbath have the best band shirts of the late 70s/early 80s? Here is another example of a Black Sabbath shirt with amazing graphics and slightly disturbing subject content.

The shirt is of the jersey style that was popular at the time. The front of the shirt features a graphic image of the three angels smoking, what looks to be cigarettes, and playing cards. The colors on the shirt are really amazing, at least three, possibly a four color print. The back of the shirt is a little more subdued. It features head shots of the four band members inside a cross with one head shot in each corner of the cross.

I was curious about the true origin and story behind this shirt so I asked the kind people over on the forum what they could tell me about the shirt. Looking closely at the copy write information on the shirt it was clearly created in 1980. The consensus is that the shirt was sold during the Heaven and Hell tour. As the forum moderator pointed out this shirt was clearly sold before Mom Rules came out as it still has Bill Ward's pictures on it. Ward left the band in August of 1980 and didn't rejoin the band until 1983 and the recording of Born Again.

Not only is this an amazing shirt but its also valuable, its currently listed on eBay with an asking price of $300. If you would like to get a better view make sure you check it out in more detail here.